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Community Justice Newsletter

Community Justice Newsletter

Previously, various notices regarding Community Justice have gone out to our members; though this is the first actual newsletter. This issue will contain information regarding decisions made on the first meeting, our new council, and more...!

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New Council
Following our first elections, a new council has been elected.Computerjoe and Ian13 remain as chairman and chief executive (respectively); while Eddieh, Wiki alf and Xchrisblackx are replaced as councillors by Ilyanep, Osbus and Covington. The Giant Puffin and Pureblade remain as councillors.
Member Conduct
In the last meeting, the conduct of 4 members were discussed. Ethnopunk will be put on probation, supervised by Ian13, if he/she is uncivil during this probation, he/she will be expelled from WP:CJ; the same was decided for Misza13 (voluntarily), and his probation will be supervised by Computerjoe. No action will be taken against Computerjoe.
The Civility Barnstar which our member's have designed has been sent to Barnstar and award proposals. We'd appreciate your feedback!

Also, we are planning to make a Community Justice barnstar to give to hard-working CJ members. If you're a budding designer, consider trying to make it, then post your proposal to WT:CJ!

Name and logo change
There has been no consensus reached regarding changing our name and/or logo neither at WT:CJ nor at WT:CJ/M/1. While suggestions are still welcome, no action will be taken at this time.
We are going to try to create programs to more actively involve our members. If you have any ideas, please drop a line at WT:CJ. We will try to work with WP:ESP on one of these programs, at some point in the future.
Thank you for your time. If you need anything, feel free to comment at WT:CJ or come into our IRC channel [1].

Computerjoe wishes to extend his thanks to User:Robchurch, a non-member who assisted in making {{tracker}} redundant, as well as Misza13 for his continued support and to the whole of this and the previos council.

This newsletter was delivered by CJBot, written by Computerjoe, with technical help from Misza13.