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Contributor copyright investigations

Contributor copyright investigations (CCI) is a process intended to identify users who have repeatedly committed copyright violations in articles or uploaded many copyrighted images (typically over a long period of time), and is intended to systematically remove this infringing material. This process begins with the filing of a CCI by an editor who notices a large-scale pattern of copyright violation by an individual contributor and, if the case is approved, will lead to a complete survey of their contributions, followed by removal of any material suspected to be infringing copyright.

This process is intended for large-scale systematic copyright violations only. Persistent unattributed copying or translation within Wikipedia or from other Wikimedia properties or compatibly licensed sources may also be raised here. To list individual media files or articles for evaluation, see Wikipedia:Copyright problems or Wikipedia:Files for discussion; however, attempting resolution is not required prior to filing a CCI request.

When and how should a CCI be started?

As a rule of thumb, at least five instances of clear copyvios (copy/pasting of unlicensed third party material; clear derivative works) should be required to file a case. There are no other requirements for filing a CCI request.

New cases should be filed by placing the {{subst:CCI-request}} underneath the requests header below.

|user = the user subject to the CCI
|evidence = your reasoning for opening the case

Please remember to remain civil. Some contributors violate copyright policies due to a misunderstanding of copyright policies or laws, rather than malicious intent. While it may be necessary to intervene to prevent future copyright issues, it is not helpful to treat individuals listed here discourteously. Good faith requests are welcome even if they should prove mistaken. However, please remember that this is a serious allegation and should not be made without evidence. Requests without evidence may be interpreted as harassment.

After submitting a case, please notify the contributor by adding {{subst:CCI-notice}} ~~~~ to the bottom of their talk page. It is not necessary to notify individuals who are currently blocked for copyright infringement, even if temporarily.

Review of CCI requests

Control copyright icon.svg

Following a CCI request, a CCI clerk or admins will determine whether concerns are substantiated, based on the evidence presented and the response of the editor who is the subject of the CCI. Non-admin clerks may request that an administrator reviews deleted contributions where necessary. If the evidence does not substantiate the concern, the CCI request will be declined, and then filed in the archive subpage.

If a user has requested evaluation of your contributions here, please remember that the purpose of this process is not to harass or embarrass you, but to ensure that Wikipedia remains compliant with copyright laws. If you believe that your contributions have not constituted a copyright problem under Wikipedia's policies, please succinctly provide your rationale. If it should prove that the contributor who made the request is mistaken, this will be noted and the request archived. However, if concerns are substantiated, you may best demonstrate your willingness to comply with Wikipedia's copyright policies by helping to identify and address the copyright issues you have caused.

Accepted cases

Upon accepting a case, a clerk or uninvolved admin will create the appropriate contributor survey subpage and then populate the contribution data.

If contributors have been proven to have a history of extensive copyright violation, it may be assumed without further evidence that all of their major contributions are copyright violations, and thus removed indiscriminately, in accordance with Wikipedia:Copyright violations. If such indiscriminate removal would be controversial or cause considerable collateral damage, an effort must be made to assemble a volunteer force sufficient to evaluate problematic contributions. If insufficient volunteers are available to manage clean-up, presumptive wholesale removal is allowed.

To participate in cases, follow the link of one of the open cases. All contributors with no history of copyright problems are welcome to contribute to clean up, and users who are listed here are encouraged to help clean up their own materials. The user should not expect to receive individual notices of articles or images that are deleted or blanked for copyright concerns during the course of a CCI.

The Green tickY and Red XN (created with {{y}} and {{n}}) templates are used to confirm whether the edit was a copyright issue. The ? (created with {{?}}) template is used to indicate that the edit has already been either deleted or completely rewritten, and therefore confirming whether the edit contained copyright issues is impossible, or else not worth the effort. Upon completion, the CCI case will be filed on the archive subpage.


Please add all requests at the bottom of the list below, following the format given at How should a case be filed? above. A CCI clerk or administrator will review your request, according to the instructions, then either open the case or decline it.

Open investigations[edit]

Only clerks or administrators should add or remove listings in this section. Proposed investigations should be listed in the section above. All contributors with no history of copyright problems are welcome to contribute to clean up. Additionally, contributors listed are encouraged to contribute to clean up of their own materials. New listings should mention the date they were opened, and listed in the order they are opened. Overview of rough stats here with Firefly's bot.

Case Date Notes
ItsLassieTime 16 November 2010 children's stories
S710 20 January 2011 Moroccan biographies
Eurodog 4 February 2011 musician biographies
Dawkeye 10 May 2011 military history, navies
GVnayR 25 June 2011 video games, Nascar
Djflem 25 July 2011 New Jersey
20110727 27 July 2011 United States
Hauganm 31 July 2011 Sweden, Norway, biographies
Arfaz 3 August 2011 Indian films
Marylandstater 26 August 2011 Maryland
20111004 04 October 2011 aviation
MusiCitizen 08 October 2011 baseball
Ironboy11 09 October 2011 Pakistan
SasiSasi 18 October 2011 copyright
Borsoka 23 October 2011 Eastern Europe
20111108 8 November 2011 text
Hentzer 23 November 2011 Brazil
Indian Education Program 26 November 2011 misc.
Tiamut 11 March 2012 Middle East
Wikiwatcher1 11 April 2012 Images
20120412 12 April 2012 energy
Marcus334 19 April 2012 India, environment
Anglo Pyramidologist 6 June 2012 miscellaneous
Judgesurreal777 23 June 2012 pop culture
YHoshua 10 August 2012 Indiana
Striver 4 September 2012 Islam
Hyperionsteel 10 October 2012 Canada
Proudbolsahye 21 December 2012 Armenia
IWannaABillionaire 29 January 2013 popular culture
Tobyc75 13 February 2013 Switzerland
Snigdhasinghsweet 20 February 2013 India
No barometer of intelligence 01 March 2013 American politics, national security
Rosser1954 04 March 2013 Scotland
Hantsheroes 17 March 2013 Canada
Tamravidhir 25 March 2013 India
20130330 30 March 2013 philosophy
BhagyaMani 19 April 2013 wildlife
Gunkarta 10 June 2013 Indonesia
Arrwiki 17 June 2013 Indian films
20130819 20 August 2013 Military
Degen Earthfast 5 September 2013 Military
20130908 8 September 2013 geology, paleontology, biology
Zictor23 19 September 2013 Politics
FreshCorp619 14 October 2013 Schools
America789 31 October 2013 Military
Buster40004 31 October 2013 Military
DrMicro 13 November 2013 medicine
Kazemita1 5 December 2013 Islam
Aetheling1125 9 December 2013 British history
Premkudva 20 December 2013 India
Purrum 15 January 2014 Australian Football
20140127 27 January 2014 Biographies
Nehapant19 18 February 2014 India
Dante8 27 March 2014 feminism
$1LENCE D00600D 17 April 2014 American military history
Norden1990 25 April 2014 Hungary
DendroNaja 17 May 2014 snakes, crime
GordyB 1 June 2014 Rugby
Trident13 22 July 2014 Britain
Superzohar 10 August 2014 Russia
Kprtqrf06 16 August 2014 Canadian military history
Zozo2kx 23 August 2014 Syria
Lactasamir 27 August 2014 Europe
Skoojal 6 September 2014 philosophy, LGBT
Gryffindor 16 October 2014 various
El Cazangero 17 October 2014 various
20141020 20 October 2014 Native American history
Mztourist 29 October 2014 military
DocOfSoc 22 November 2014 California
Wysinger 1 December 2014 Jazz
Ajdebre 5 December 2014 Serbia
ProfReader 1 January 2015 South Carolina
Hahc21 18 January 2015 music
BiggestSataniaFangirl89 21 March 2015 History
Rick570 2 April 2015 New Zealand, Christian brothers
Headhitter 15 April 2015 Biographies, music, churches
Grunners 17 August 2015 Europe, railways
Oanabay04 25 August 2015 US railways and popular media
20150927 27 September 2015 Nigeria
20151115 15 November 2015 American history
Coldcreation 15 November 2015 Art
Koala15 15 November 2015 Film
20151212 12 December 2015 Ireland, TV shows
Aldebaran69 22 May 2017 unattributed translations about royalty
Nannadeem 23 May 2017 Pakistan, Islam
Faedra 23 May 2017 Nobility
Josephlalrinhlua786 23 May 2017 Film
Ahendra 23 May 2017 Islamic and other history
Helena Bx 24 May 2017 South Asian history
20170921 21 September 2017 Norwegian music
CJojoC 22 September 2017 Korean movies
20171031 31 October 2017 India
Jwratner1 1 December 2017 Earth
20180325 25 March 2018 Women and other minorities in history
Tanbircdq 22 August 2018 Asia
Sayerslle 11 September 2018 Politics and arthouse films
Nauriya 11 September 2018 Film and TV
20150507 11 September 2018 Animals and Cricket
Edelmand 11 September 2018 Britain and Led Zeppelin
Rochelimit 11 September 2018 Indonesian architecture
Hogie75 11 September 2018 Canadian geography
Mahussain06 11 September 2018 Boxing
Dunks58 11 September 2018 Australia,
20190125 25 January 2019 American military
MatteoNL97 24 July 2019 Cigarettes and motorcycles
Contaldo80 24 July 2019 Homosexuality and religion
Dead.rabbit 24 July 2019 Bangladesh BLPs
Flooded with them hundreds 24 July 2019 Music
20190724 24 July 2019 Unattributed NASA copies
Favre1fan93 24 July 2019 Superhero media
20190724a 24 July 2019 Terrorism in India
Kailash29792 26 December 2019 Indian cinema
Dutchy85 26 December 2019 Old films and TV
20200212 12 February 2020 Aviation and transport
20200411 11 April 2020 India: Assam
Georgiano 22 May 2020 Caucasus history
Dhollm 19 July 2020 Science
Snickers2686 21 July 2020 American politics
ZarhanFastfire 29 July 2020 Canadian art
Isinbill 22 August 2020 Ethnic groups and Mexico
Veillg1 2 September 2020 Machine translations, Quebec
Lmmnhn 7 September 2020 Hong Kong
Kiraroshi1976 16 September 2020 American culture and movies
20201008 8 October 2020 Britain
20201108 8 November 2020 Royalty and foreign arthouse films
20201122 22 November 2020 The Middle East and technology
Comhar 27 November 2020 Ireland
Greenock125 30 November 2020 Songs
Sengkang 7 December 2020 Singapore geography 7 December 2020 Japan
ZaDoraemonzu 7 December 2020 International relations
Ssolbergj 24 December 2020 The EU and Europe
JoeScarce 9 January 2021 Catholicism and news
20210111 11 January 2021 Britain
Shootingstar88 26 January 2021 Sexuality
20210126a 26 January 2021 Books and art pop
20210126b 26 January 2021 Film
20210127 27 January 2021 Nigeria
20210127c 27 January 2021 Alcohol
Backendgaming 28 January 2021 Asia, music, and news
20210128 28 January 2021 Indian cinema
20210206 6 February 2021 Guyana
Manannan51 15 February 2021 Catholic
TheriusRooney 4 March 2021 Motoring
Ruigeroeland 6 March 2021 Species
Troy86 12 March 2021 Brazil
20210314 14 March 2021 Austrialia, world history
20210315 15 March 2021 Misc. american history
Kahsiav 16 March 2021 India
Vvven 22 March 2021 Ibero-America
Jjanhone 24 March 2021 Finland
20210410 10 April 2021 Tamil movies
Amshpatten 16 April 2021 Indian history and culture
20210418 18 April 2021 Military history
Lg16spears 24 April 2021 Movies and TV shows
BornonJune8 25 April 2021 American sports and TV
Verosaurus 30 April 2021 Ships
WikiProject Tropical cyclones 8 May 2021 Guess what?
Rockysantos 11 May 2021 Portugal
20210531 31 May 2021 World history
LupEnd007 4 June 2021 Rap music
20210813 13 August 2021 India- Kollam
Bluecountrymutt 26 August 2021 US Air Force
Elan Morin Tedronai 2 October 2021 Science fiction, fantasy and music
Enthusiast01 13 October 2021 Australia, world events
20211022 22 October 2021 European biographies
DaWulf2013 31 October 2021 US military regiments
Werldwayd 6 November 2021 Music
20211117 17 November 2021 Hinduism
20211215 15 December 2021 Indian history
MWD115 26 January 2022 Unattributed translations
BOZ 1 February 2022 Table top games and video games
Shadowwarrior8 14 February 2022 Islam
Qualitatis 20 February 2022 Israel, Palestine
JShanley98 20 February 2022 Movies
Harshhussey 20 February 2022 Cricket
Ashim nep 20 February 2022 Nepal
20220220b 20 February 2022 Hinduism
Ewf9h-bg 4 March 2022 Ancient society
Friedjof 4 March 2022 German biographies
DeltaSquad833 4 March 2022 Ships
Rtkat3 25 April 2022 Comics
I64s 26 April 2022 Singapore geography
TDKR Chicago 101 15 June 2022 Biographies and Chicago
20220623 23 June 2022 Cuba
20220720 20 July 2022 Britain
20220731 31 July 2022 Bangladesh and Indian films
Nicholas0 1 September 2022 Film
Suslindisambiguator 24 September 2022 Science biographies
20221001 1 October 2022 Translations
J Bar 23 October 2022 Australian media
20221029 29 October 2022 The Bible
Takhellei 30 October 2022 Manipur films
Lelouch Di Britannia 13 November 2022 Miscellaneous
2679D 16 December 2022 Singapore media
Chinakpradhan 5 January 2023 Spaceflight
20230110 10 January 2023 Sikhs
Sandbox 22 January 2023 For testing, not an actual CCI

Declined requests and Closed investigations[edit]

All closed and declined investigations can be found at Wikipedia:Contributor copyright investigations/Archive.

Templates and tools[edit]

CCI specific templates

See Category:Wikipedia contributor copyright investigations templates.

  • {{CCI}}: placed on article talk pages to note cleanup
  • {{CCId}}: placed on article talk pages when it has been tagged presumptively for deletion review in one week
  • {{CCI-notice}} to notify contributors of a new listing
  • {{CCI-project}} to notify a project of a CCI with which they may help
  • {{CCI project update}} to notify a project that a CCI has been completed
  • {{CCI update}} to notify people who have assisted in a CCI that it is finished.
  • {{CCI-subject}} to notify contributors that their CCI is finished.
  • {{CCI-request}} to request new investigations
  • {{CCI-open}} to denote open CCI requests, this template should only be used by a clerk or administrator
Other useful copyright and attribution templates
  • {{Source-attribution}} to attribute public domain content (either at end of articles or for references)
  • {{Text release}} for placing on talk pages of articles that contain content that was under a free license, but the source no longer states it as such
  • {{CC-notice}} to attribute content licensed under a Creative Commons license
  • {{Copyvio}} for listing an article at WP:Copyright problems
  • {{Copyvios}} and {{CVD}} provides link to Earwig's copyvio detector report of an inputted diff