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This page and its 10 subpages are designed to supplement Wikipedia:Reference desk and its seven subpages. These 11 pages can have a number of uses.

  • They provide a list of alternative places for Wikipedia visitors to ask questions.
  • They provide a list of resources to help Wikipedia respondents to find answers to questions.
  • They provide a means to assist Wikipedians and others in comparing the quality of reference service provided in different places.

The following points are useful to anyone consulting this list.


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(Questions can sometimes be given specialized attention by individual Wikipedians, or by groups of members of specific WikiProjects, especially if the questions pertain to improving Wikipedia. An editor can visit a relevant talk page to post a question, or to link to a discussion in progress on one of the subpages of Wikipedia:Reference desk.)

Additional resources[edit]

Articles about online reference desks[edit]

Change detection and notification[edit]

(See also: Change detection and notification, Category:Change detection and notification.)

Copyright and plagiarism[edit]

(See also: Copyright, Category:Copyright law, Plagiarism, Category:Plagiarism.)

Digital libraries[edit]

(See also: List of digital library projects, Category:Digital libraries.)

Digital libraries of websites by Dewey Decimal number[edit]

Digital library categories in general web directories[edit]

Directories not in English[edit]

Directories of alternative media[edit]

(See also: Category:Alternative media.)

Directories of blogs[edit]

(See also: List of blogs, Category:Blogs.)

Directories of books[edit]

(See also: Lists of books, Category:Books, Category:Lists of books, Category:Book websites, Category:Ebook suppliers.)

Directories of conferences[edit]

(See also: Category:Conferences.)

Directories of dictionaries and glossaries[edit]

(See also: Lists of dictionaries, Category:Dictionaries, Portal:Contents/Glossaries, Category:Glossaries, Category:Wikipedia glossaries.)

Directories of dissertations[edit]

(See also: Thesis.)

Directories of documentary films[edit]

(See also: List of documentary films, Category:Documentary films.)

Directories of educational videos[edit]

(See also: List of educational video websites, Category:Educational websites.)

Directories of forums[edit]

(See also: List of Internet forums, Category:Internet forums.)

Directories of libraries[edit]

(See also: List of libraries, Category:Libraries.)

Directories of magazines[edit]

(See also: Lists of magazines, Category:Magazines.)

Directories of mobile websites[edit]

(See also: Category:Mobile web.)

Directories of museums[edit]

(See also: List of museums, Category:Museums, .museum.)

Directories of newspapers[edit]

(See also: Lists of newspapers, Category:Newspapers.)

Directories of open-access journals[edit]

(See also: Academic journal, Open access journal, Category:Academic journals, Category:Lists of academic journals.)

Directories of OpenCourseWare[edit]

(See also: Category:OpenCourseWare.)

Directories of image-sharing websites[edit]

(See also: List of image-sharing websites, Category:Image sharing websites.)

Directories of podcasts[edit]

(See also: List of podcatchers, Category:Podcasting.)

Directories of radio stations[edit]

(See also: List of radio stations, Category:Radio stations, Category:Radio spectrum.)

Directories of repositories[edit]

(See also: Repository (publishing), Category:Archival science.)

Directories of search engines[edit]

(See also: List of search engines, Category:Internet search engines.)

Directories of telephone numbers[edit]

(See also: Category:Telephone numbers.)

Directories of web directories[edit]

(See also: List of web directories, Category:Web directories.)

Directories of web feeds[edit]

(See also: Web feed, RSS.)

Directories of wikis[edit]

(See also: List of wikis, Category:Wikis.)

Directories of wireless access points[edit]

(See also: Hotspot (Wi-Fi), Category:Wireless access points.)

Directories of world records[edit]

(See also: Category:Superlatives, World record, Category:World records.)

Directories, miscellaneous (one of each type)[edit]

Distraction online[edit]

(See also: Attention, Distraction, Human multitasking.)

Evaluating information and sources[edit]

(See also: List of fallacies, Category:Logical fallacies, List of hoaxes, Category:Hoaxes, List of common misconceptions, Category:Error, List of cognitive biases, Category:Cognitive biases, List of memory biases, Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources.)


(See also: List of Google products, Category:Google.)

Internet facts[edit]

(See also: Internet, Category:Internet, World Wide Web, Category:World Wide Web.)

Internet statistics[edit]

(See also: Global Internet usage, Category:Internet by country, Domain Name System, Category:Domain Name System.)

Lists of web resources[edit]

(See also: Lists of websites, Category:Websites.)

Mirrors and forks of Wikipedia[edit]

(These links represent a brief selection of languages. Additional languages are listed in the left column on each of these pages.)

Miscellaneous links (one of each type)[edit]

(See also: Wikipedia:List of free online resources.)

Morse code[edit]

(See also: Category:Morse code.)

Praise and criticism[edit]

(See also: Corrective feedback, Category:Educational assessment and evaluation.)

Researching online[edit]

(See also: Internet research, Category:World Wide Web.)

Researching with Wikipedia[edit]

(See also: Reliability of Wikipedia, Wikipedia:Researching with Wikipedia, Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia, Category:Wikipedia.)

Search engines (academic)[edit]

(See also: List of academic databases and search engines.)

Search engines for books[edit]

Search engines for PDF files[edit]

(See also: Portable Document Format.)

Search engines for similar websites[edit]

Search engines for Twitter feeds[edit]

(See also: Twitter, Category:Twitter.)

Search engines for Twitter users[edit]

Search engines, miscellaneous (one of each type)[edit]

(See also: List of search engines, Category:Internet search engines.)

Tweet analytics[edit]

Web analytics[edit]

(See also: Web analytics, List of web analytics software, Category:Web analytics.)

Web archives[edit]

(See also: List of Web archiving initiatives, Category:Web archiving initiatives.)

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