Wikipedia:Llama/FlaggedRevs said to cause cancer

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In the midst of intense debate over whether or not to enable FlaggedRevs on the English Wikipedia, a shocking allegation was put forth by an anonymous editor suggesting that flagged revisions may have a direct link with cancer.

The comment sparked outrage and rebuttals as supporters attempted to refute the claim, but were unable to find sufficient reliable sources that clearly stated that FlaggedRevs were not harmful to users' health.

Supporters of flagged revisions called the insinuation a "scare tactic" that attempted to increase FUD. Opponents of flagged revisions leeched onto the comment and quickly began mounting a campaign to get the word out to a greater number of editors.

Scientists, however, are torn on the possible health impacts of flagging content. There are some medical professions who have indicated that in high doses, flagged revisions may cause unhealthy cell formation which could lead to greater health problems in the future. Other medical professionals say the link between flagged content and unhealthy cell formation is "tenuous at best."