Wikipedia:Llama/User dragged to ArbCom over username

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A case was brought forward and accepted by the Arbitration Committee today over a username dispute.

According to Manual of Style wonks, the username "User:Richard Arthur Norton (1958- )" does not conform to naming policies and must be renamed by a bureaucrat.

Following the adoption of the contentious "MOSDASH" guideline, an unnamed user left a note on Richard Arthur Norton (1958- )'s talk page asking that he change his username to either appropriately use an en dash or omit the dash entirely. When Norton (1958- ) refused, the user then tried to have the username forcibly changed.

Local bureaucrats discussed the matter at the Bureaucrats' noticeboard before determining that a forcible renaming would only be possible in the case of legitimate account usurpation or if the username violated the Wikimedia Foundation's privacy policy.

The case has been accepted 10–3 with 3 Arbitrators not participating in the vote.

Initial comments, in typical Wikipedia fashion, indicate both strong support and strong opposition for the renaming. It remains unclear from the Arbitrators' acceptance comments what their views on the issue are.