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The work of this group is awaiting the start of the next offline release

The goal of this group is to review articles nominated for one of the WP:1.0 releases, according to the appropriate criteria. If a reviewed article meets those criteria, it is then removed from the nominations list and added to the version article list, and the talk page template is updated accordingly.

If you are new to reviewing, please take a look at the Reviewing FAQs.


These criteria can be summarized as follows:

Need: The article's importance, regardless of its quality

Top Subject is a must-have for a print encyclopaedia
High Subject contributes a depth of knowledge
Mid Subject fills in more minor details
Low Subject is peripheral knowledge, possibly trivial

We may choose not to include even a featured article, if the topic is too specialized for the particular release. Importance is of course both subjective and relative - for our purposes at the 1.0 project, the importance should be in terms of the whole of Wikipedia. In early releases we will focus on "Top" and "High" importance subjects, but the scope will widen as the size of the release grows.

The SelectionBot makes automatic selections using importance based on three "external interest" criteria, as well as the manual assessment. When reviewing manual nominations, it is advisable to examine the bot's scoring for the article. If an article scores extremely low in the bot's system (<700 for importance only), it is unlikely to be suitable.

An article on an important topic may be rejected if it is considered to be of poor quality. Articles are often assessed according to the WP:1.0 assessment scheme, and articles are usually expected to be B-Class or higher for anything other than very important topics.

Being a reviewer[edit]

The reviewer's job is to evaluate and process nominations. For version 0.9, the procedure for this is laid out at the side of the nominations page. If you're interested in helping out, thank you for giving your time! You don't need to have a college degree, we just want you to be honest and objective, and also supportive of the overall project. If you want to review please add your name to the list below.

List of reviewers[edit]

Name Talk page Special interests WP:1.0 projects|-
Jourdy288 Talk Fish
Cerejota Talk Military History, Latin America, Linguistics/Languages, World History
Derfboy Talk Computer Networking, Computer Security, CompTIA Certifications, United States Military WP:V0.5
-The Bold Guy- Talk History, Frisian history, History of the Netherlands, History of Frisia (folk heroes such as 1 and 2 and world history, languages, regions, cuisine WP:V0.7
E. Lighthart, BA, AM, PhD Talk Culture, cultural history, cultural anthropology: 17th & 18th centuries; oenology; gastronomy; theater; opera; music history; philosophy WP:WVWP
Rlevse Talk Scouting (project lead coordinator), Society, Culture, Geography, History WP:V0.5, WP:WVWP
Stable_attractor Talk 1. Biology and Chemistry 2. Any science topics 3. Computers and Technology WP:V0.5, WP:WVWP
Martin Walker Talk Chemistry, article assessment WP:V0.5, WP:WVWP
Titoxd Talk Tropical cyclones, article assessment WP:V0.5, WP:WVWP
Chuck Talk Mathematics, article assessment WP:V0.5, Core topics
NCurse Talk Biology, Medicine, but any area of science WP:V0.5
Kirill Lokshin Talk Military history WP:V0.5
bcasterline Talk History, Earth science WP:V0.5
Eyu100 Talk WP:V0.5
IRelayer Talk History, Computer Science, Aviation, Geography, Literature Core topics
Minyana Talk Theology, Modern and Ancient Religion, Geology WP:V0.5, Core topics
Geo.plrd Talk
SCZenz Talk Physics, possibly astronomy/astrophysics WP:V0.5, WP:WVWP
getcrunk Talk Pop culture, technology WP:1.0
Jaranda Talk American Sports articles, hip-hop, history, cities, combining articles together WP:V0.5
Maurreen Talk
Rory096 Talk
ACupOfCoffee Talk Article assessment WP:V0.5
Davodd Talk Politics, civil rights, anthropology, cities, mass media, U.S. law WP:V0.5
dragonfire75 Talk video games, computers
Habemus pampam Talk reviewing and assessing articles on topics in library science and catholic religion WP:V0.5
Rossrs Talk cinema, music, pop culture, history, geography/cities, literature
Dirk Beetstra Talk Chemistry WP:V0.5
Chris (Ccool2ax) Talk Entirely random... Web/tech, general knowledge WP:V0.5
Jasrocks Talk Sports WP:V0.5
Tony Talk Article assessment WP:V0.5
JJsmith Talk Article assessment WP:V0.5
Zzzzz Talk Article assessment WP:V0.5
RunningOnBrains Talk Mesoscale/tropical meteorology, general physics/other sciences WP:V0.5
Felixboy Talk Geography/cities, Southeast Asian culture, Tropical Meteorology, Aviation, article assessment
Lofty Talk Geography - countries, Politics - Flags - Political systems, Languages WP:V0.5
nkayesmith talk Computing, History, Science, English (Books), Article Assessment, Music + Bios in these fields WP:V0.5
jeeb talk Ecology; Plants; Genetics and Molecular Biology; Evolution; Geography; Science WP:1.0
Gimmetrow talk Heraldry, Natural Science, Philosophy, Religion WP:V0.5
Alex Nisnevich talk Computers and Computer Science, Music, Games, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Mathematics, Russian, Article Assessment WP:V0.5 WP:1.0
Lincher talk Music, Sports, Bios, Sciences, Geography, Article Assessment WP:V0.5 WP:V0.7 WP:1.0
Laleena 23:54, 24 November 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply] Talk History, Geography, Religion, especially Christianity, Bios, Books, mostly children's, Article Assesment, Reverting Vandalism Wp:V0.7
David Mestel Talk Mathematics, Computing, Article Assessment. WP:V0.7
Skully Collins Talk Motorsport (notably bios), Football (soccer), Ice Hockey, bio article assesment WP:V0.7
Funpika Talk Computers, Computer science, and Video Games WP:V0.7
Ozgod Talk Biographies, Film, Theater, Television, Article Assessment, Reverting vandalism
Greeves Talk Computers, video games, and article assessment. WP:V0.7, WP:WVWP
Themcman1 Talk Anything WP:V0.7 WP:V1.0
Gflores (talk · contribs) talk Technology, Computers, Software, Videogames, Sports, Music, Films WP:V0.7, WP:V1.0
Verisimilus talk Sciences, esp. historical sciences
RyguyMN talk Sports, science, technology, geography
Sj talk Math, language, geography, physics
Sa.vakilian Talk Ancient world and Middle Age, Religion. WP:V0.7WP:V1.0
Flubeca Talk Article Assessment, Military History Only this one
Tails0600 Talk Anything that needs to be done! VER. 0.5, 0.7
Doc Strange Talk Popular Music, anything that will improve Wikipedia's reputation
User:Elementalos Talk Article Assessment, Neatness/Preciseness, Gaming, Computer Tech First one
ahablovesmoby Talk Article assessment, American History, Computer Science
Information Center Talk Anything WP:V1.0
Gautam Discuss Music, anthropology, film WP:1.0
Gwalarn Talk Christianism, Catholicism, France, French, Brittany, Celtic World, Traditional Music, Management, Controlling, Economy
User:Mac_Davis User:Mac_Davis Anything that isn't popular culture, sports, Middle East, India, or North Africa None, sorry :)
Diez2 Talk Article Assessment, Christianity, NBC shows (heh), US roads, World History, Military History, Economy, Science
oac (old american century) Talk Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and maintaining a neutral point-of-view.
Andrewjd Talk Nothing specific, just good articles None so far - first
Warlordjohncarter Talk work primarily on religious biography, quite few assessments as well WP:WVWP
Miskin Talk General reviewing
O Talk Anyting I feel like, mostly general reviewing WP:0.7, WP:1.0
Daydreamer302000 Talk English language articles written by non-native speakers.
Wootlarz Talk
John Manuel K. Talk Content quality and verifiability, Latin American Literature, Biographies & History; Computer Sciences, Technology and Art. Spanish and English. WP:V0.7, WP:V1.0, Core topics
Jacques Talk Constructed languages, Indian classical music, steganography, espionage WP:1.0
MrPrada Talk Military History of the United States, American Civil War, Geopolitics, Roads, Sports WP:1.0
Pastor David Talk Christian history / religious history, philosophy, theology WP:1.0
Matt Wilson Talk History, Political Science, Biographies, Legal Topics, Roman Catholic Church, Military, Canada
Sam Trenholme Talk WP:1.0
GrooveDog Talk Article assessment
Nathanmurray1 Talk English Literature
Abhishek Kolwalkar Talk Computer Science, History, Geography, Astronomy, Personality development, Philosophy WP:1.0
Blaxthos Talk Law, Politics WP:1.0
AGK talk Transportation, Politics, Sports, Mathematics, Business Science, Computing. WP:1.0
User:Phoenix-wiki talk All core topics WP:1.0
bibliomaniac15 talk Organisms, video games, movies, books WP:1.0
ebolamunkee talk Music (classical and popular), Film, Literature, Article assessment
Soxred93 Talk Music, math, electronics
Tomi Undergallows Talk Music, Computers (and Computer Sciences), Technology, Military, Fiction literature
deatonjr Talk Texas, Books, Non-fiction, Novels
auawise Talk Biology, Physics, History.
Dank55 Talk For 0.7: science, technology, robotics. Wider interests for 1.0.
User:Docu Talk Geography, history, politics, Helvetica
Ivan Akira Talk Programming, mathemathics, cryptography, etc.
Shruti14 Talk All areas, but especially religion and philosophy, science, politics, technology, literature, history, and sports. WP:1.0
zeuspitar [Govinda Ramanuja dasa] Talk All areas, but especially Hinduism, religion and philosophy, history. WP:1.0
Ncmvocalist Talk Article assessment, India WP:1.0, WP:WVWP
Midyear Talk Mathematics WP:1.0
Jordan Timothy James Busson Talk All articles, but especially articles concerning religion, philosophy, psychology, literature and culture. WP:1.0
Lihaas Talk Articles concerning religion, politics, history and sports. WP:1.0
EncycloPetey Talk Biology - especially Botany, paleobotany, biodiversity, and organismal biology WP:1.0
Hrothulf Talk business, society, geography WP:V0.7
YellowMonkey Talk History, cricket, Australia, various WP:V0.7
Wikisaver62 Talk Just give me articles and i'll asess them! However, I don't have much time on my hands.
User:TechOutsider Talk Computing related, article assessment and expansion. and proofreading.
Reza Talk Signal Processing, Mechanical Engineering.
Renaissancee Talk Medicine, military history, article assessment and proofreading.
mheart Talk Music, health, publications. Grammar and voice consistency. WP:1.0
dmyersturnbull Talk Computer science, software engineering, history, religion, the Middle East.
JacobiJonesJr Talk
William S. Roy Talk Anything I like. General reviewing.