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Haydn portrait by Thomas Hardy, 1792


This task force belongs to the Classical Music and Composers projects. It was created to provide a focal point for discussions related to the life, works and legacy of two of the most important 18th century classical composers: Haydn and Mozart. See our discussion page here to view active and archived discussions, to ask questions or to discuss work.

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Wikipedia has a wide coverage of Haydn and Mozart, including a comprehensive listing of compositions, numerous articles on individual works, and subject-specific templates. This project is the place to discuss and raise questions about this corpus.

There is an extensive body of scholarly work concerning both Haydn and Mozart. Both have dedicated, peer-reviewed journals specific to them, each has been the subject of numerous biographical studies and work-specific monographs and there is an enormous extant discography covering the entirety of their known output. This large body of scholarship raises important questions about how best to source information, track debates and provide comprehensive information to Wikipedia readers that reflects the state of research. This task force, therefore, is an appropriate venue for any discussion pertinent to general questions or concerns regarding any aspect of our wider coverage of Haydn and Mozart.


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