Wilma M. Blom

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Wilma M. Blom
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OccupationMarine scientist

Wilma M. Blom is a marine scientist. Since 2011 she has been Curator, Marine Invertebrates at Auckland War Memorial Museum.[1][2]


Blom's work focuses on identifying marine fauna, such as molluscs. She also works in science communication, through projects such as Auckland Museum's New Zealand Marine Life app. She also organises a 2-yearly BioBlitz programme which places scientists alongside communities to help them document the biodiversity of their surrounding area, and has been involved in research projects involving The Noises.[1][3] She has contributed to the collections of Auckland Museum and Te Papa.[4]

She has been living in Auckland since 1971.[1]

Selected research projects[edit]

  • Blom, W. M. (ed.) (2015). New Zealand Marine Life Field Guide (Version 2.0). [Mobile Application Software].
  • Jocque, M and Blom, W. (2009). Mysidae (Mysida) of New Zealand; a checklist, identification key to species and an overview of material in New Zealand collections. i2304: 1–20
  • Krug, P., Morley, M., Asif, J., Hellyar, L. & Blom, W. (2008). Molecular confirmation of species status for the rare cephalaspidean Melanochlamys lorrainae (Rudman, 1968), and comparison with its sister species M. cylindrica Cheeseman, 1881. Journal of Molluscan Studies, 74: 267-276.
  • Anderson, M., Diebel, C., Blom, W. and Landers, T. (2005). Consistency and variation in kelp holdfast assemblages: spatial patterns of biodiversity for the major phyla at different taxonomic resolutions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 320: 35-56.
  • Anderson, M., Connell, S., Gillanders, B., Diebel, C., Blom, W., Landers, T. and Saunders, J. (2005). Relationships between taxonomic resolution and spatial scales of multivariate variation in kelp holdfast assemblages. Journal of Animal Ecology 74: 636-646.


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