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The entrance to's headquarters
A package delivered from (DHL is used to overseas.) or Pok'elai (Chinese: 博客來), originally established as an online bookstore, is Taiwan's largest Internet retailer.


  • 1995: Terry Chang (Chinese: 張天立), who had graduated from National Taiwan University (math) and had had graduate study at Pennsylvania State University (computer) and Rutgers University (business), started the first online bookstore of the Taiwan-Mainland China-Hong Kong area, and established Pok'elai Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd., by the year-end. This was within one year of the establishment of [1]
  • 1996: (Chinese: 博客來網路書店) officially started its business.
  • 2000: started "Order to and receive/pay at Uni-President Enterprises Corporation's 7-Eleven store" service .
  • 2001: Uni-President Enterprises invested in
  • 2004: Simplified Chinese books, published in mainland China, were sold in addition to Traditional Chinese books, published in Taiwan. [2]
  • 2005: Yamato Transport's Tanwan subsidiary began to be used for delivery to the customers.
  • 2013: Listed as one of Taiwan's 100 Largest Companies for the fifth year. Exceeded five million customers (cumulative).
  • 2014: In Hong Kong, started "Order to and receive/pay at Dairy Farm's 7-Eleven store" service.


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  2. ^ Traditional Chinese books are not, however, permitted to be sold in the mainland. See: Publishing industry laments 'unfair' service pact (Taipei Times, July 15, 2013)

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