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Casio CD-401 The one of the first Data Bank watch from 1983.
A Casio DBC-610 Databank calculator watch.
Casio DBA-800 Databank, the world's first phone dialer watch

Casio Databank (often styled as CASIO DATA BANK) is a series of digital watches and electronic personal organizers manufactured by Casio. The watches allow data storage for names and telephone numbers, memos, and in late editions, email addresses; in addition to usually providing a calculator as well as the standard features of a digital watch. While, the personal organizers allowed storage of names, telephones and fax numbers, memos and includes a 'secret' storage area for memos which required a password to access.


A Casio WVA-200 radio controlled data bank (right)

C-80 is the first calculator watch to be ever produced. The Databank CD-40 and CD-401 are the first Databank watches, debuting in 1983. It is one of the first digital watches developed in the 1980s that allows the user to store information, following a Pulsar model released in 1982.[1]

Over the years, watches in the Data Bank line gained a variety of features some of which were world firsts, starting with schedule and world time (introduced on the DBC-62), phone dialler (DBA-80/800 and DBA-100/900), Electroluminescent backlight, radium keypads, touch screen (VDB-1000 and VDB-200), voice recording capabilities (DBV-30/300 and DBC-V50/150) and atomic time reception functions (DBC-W150, FKT-2000 and FKT-300) in addition to data storage capabilities.[2][3] Collaboration models of the Data Bank line were also made.[4]


Casio DKW-100 "Kanji" Data Bank watch

With the advent of smartphones and smart watches, the data bank watches like calculator watches lost their popularity and are now mostly a fashion statement. Today, Casio still sells data bank models with basic data bank functions. Data bank models having unique features are highly sought after by watch collectors.[5]

As of 2020, Casio sells the following models of the data bank; the DBC-611 and the DBC-32, which provide data storage, calculation and schedule capabilities, the DB-380 and the DB-36/360 which provide data storage capabilities. All models allow for a selection of multiple languages.[6]

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A Casio DBC-810 data bank which provides calculation and data storage capabilities


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