Chiahui Power Plant

Coordinates: 23°32′02″N 120°28′31″E / 23.53389°N 120.47528°E / 23.53389; 120.47528
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Chiahui Power Plant
CountryRepublic of China
LocationMinxiong, Chiayi County, Taiwan
Coordinates23°32′02″N 120°28′31″E / 23.53389°N 120.47528°E / 23.53389; 120.47528
Construction beganJanuary 2002
Commission dateDecember 2003 (Unit 1)
August 2021 (Unit 2)
Construction costNT$14.4 billion for unit 2
Operator(s)Chiahui Power Corporation
Thermal power station
Primary fuelNatural gas
Power generation
Units operational2[1][2]
Make and modelGeneral Electric
Nameplate capacity1210 MW
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The Chiahui Power Plant (traditional Chinese: 嘉惠電廠; simplified Chinese: 嘉惠电厂; pinyin: Jiāhuì Diànchǎng) is a gas-fired power plant in Songshan Village, Minxiong Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan.[3][4][5]


The construction of the power plant began in January 2002 and the commissioning of unit 1 of the plant was done in December 2003.[6][7] The project is the first independent power producer project in Taiwan. In July 2020, the power plant was awarded Occupational Safety and Health Administration Agency's Model Site Award.[8] A second unit was added to the plant beginning in December 2018; it was commissioned in August 2021.[9]


Asia Cement Corporation (ACC) and its affiliates owns 59% of equity share, while J-Power owns 40%. The remaining 1% share is owned by other private shareholders. In September 2020 J-Power sold all its shares to ACC.[10]

Generation units[edit]

The power plant has a total installed generation capacity of 1210 MW, consisting of two generation units.[1][2]

Unit 1 has an installed capacity of 670[11] (or 700)[1][2] MW. It consists of multiple-shaft combined cycle unit with one steam turbine-generator, three gas turbine generators and three heat recovery steam generators, designed for natural gas firing. The gas turbine generators came from General Electric with F-class technology and was shipped in 2002. Each has 18-stage axial compressor and 3-stage turbine. It also features a cold-end drive and axial exhaust.[11][12]

Unit 2 has an installed capacity of 510[1][2] (or 535)[9] MW.


The power plant is designed for intermediate load operation with daily startup and shutdown to sell power to match the power dispatch schedule of Taipower.[13] The whole generated electricity is sold to Taipower.[6]


Chiahui Power Plant is accessible west from Minxiong Station of Taiwan Railways.

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