Grane Oil Pipeline

Coordinates: 60°37′16″N 4°51′09″E / 60.6211°N 4.8524°E / 60.6211; 4.8524
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Grane oil pipeline
Coordinates60°37′16″N 4°51′09″E / 60.6211°N 4.8524°E / 60.6211; 4.8524
General directionsouth-southeast
FromGrane oil field
ToSture terminal
General information
Technical information
Length220 km (140 mi)
Maximum discharge0.265 million barrels per day (~1.32×10^7 t/a)
Diameter29 in (737 mm)

Grane oil pipeline (Norwegian: Grane oljerørledning) is a pipeline system in western Norway. It is 220 kilometres (140 mi) long and runs from Grane oil field to Sture terminal, located 65 kilometres (40 mi) north of Bergen, Norway. The pipeline operations commenced with start of production in the Grane oil field.[1]

Technical features[edit]

The pipeline diameter is 29 inches (740 mm). Capacity of Grane oil pipeline is 34,000 cubic metres per day (1,200,000 cu ft/d) of oil.[2] The greatest sea depth pipeline passes through is 355 metres (1,165 ft) - through the Norwegian Trench. Over 110,000 tonnes of rock and gravel was used on the seabed to establish the correct foundation for the pipeline.[3] The estimated lifetime of the pipeline is expected to be 30 years.[1]


The Grane pipeline is operated by Statoil and includes other partners.

Company Share
Petoro AS 48.60%
ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway AS 25.60%
Statoil 24.40%
Norske Conoco AS 2.4%

Total investment at start-up was nearly 1.6 billion NOK's.[1]

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