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This page contains some information containing fonts for use in viewing Wikipedia.


Some of the programming code examples on Wikipedia may require a Unicode font containing APL characters. A recommended APL Unicode font is available free from the British APL Association here.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser, there are additional considerations for access to Unicode fonts. See the external reference note on setting up Internet Explorer at the end of the Unicode article. Most other browsers will pick up Unicode fonts automatically if they have been installed.

Gothic Unicode Fonts[edit]


Free software[edit]





Microsoft Windows[edit]

For Microsoft Windows, see:


Debian has MPH 2B Damase package, use the following command to install it:

apt-get install fonts-mph-2b-damase

The package should also work under all other Debian derived distributions (e.g. Ubuntu, don't forget the sudo command).

For other distributions, extract the truetype font and place it under either /usr/share/fonts/ (with superuser right) or ~/.fonts/ (normal user right). Then run the following command to refresh font cache:

fc-cache -v

Browsers need to be closed and restarted, but there is no need to reboot.

In distributions using GNOME, such as Ubuntu, you can use the filemanager to access fonts://, where you can deposit the font, then restart your web browser.

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