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This is a list of communication protocols used for the automation of processes (industrial or otherwise), such as for building automation, power-system automation, automatic meter reading, and vehicular automation.

Process automation protocols[edit]

Industrial control system protocols[edit]

Building automation protocols[edit]

  • 1-Wire – from Dallas/Maxim
  • BACnet – for Building Automation and Control networks, maintained by ASHRAE Committee SSPC 135.
  • BatiBUS - merged to KNX
  • C-Bus Clipsal Integrated Systems Main Proprietary Protocol
  • CC-Link Industrial Networks, supported by Mitsubishi Electric
  • DALI - Digital Addressable Lighting Interface specified in IEC 62386.
  • DSI - Digital Serial Interface for the controlling of lighting in building, precursor to DALI.
  • Dynet - lighting and automation control protocol developed in Sydney, Australia by the company Dynalite
  • EnOcean – Low Power Wireless protocol for energy harvesting and very lower power devices.
  • European Home Systems Protocol (EHS) - merged to KNX
  • European Installation Bus (EIB) named also Instabus - merged to KNX
  • INSTEON - SmartHome Labs Pro New 2-way Protocol based on Power-BUS.
  • KNX – Standard for building control. Previously Batibus/EHS/EIB
  • LonTalk – protocol for LonWorks technology by Echelon Corporation
  • Modbus RTU or ASCII or TCP
  • oBIX - Open Building Information Exchange is a standard for RESTful Web Services-based interfaces to building control systems developed by OASIS.
  • UPB - 2-way Peer to Peer Protocol
  • VSCP - Very Simple Control Protocol is a free protocol with main focus on building- or home-automation
  • xAP – Open protocol
  • X10 – Open standard for communication among electronic devices used for home automation (domotics)
  • Z-Wave - Wireless RF Protocol
  • Zigbee – Open protocol for Mesh Networks

Power system automation protocols[edit]

Automatic meter reading protocols[edit]

Automobile / Vehicle protocol buses[edit]

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