Taube Pan

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Taube bas Leib Pan (née Pitzker; Yiddish: טויבאַ בּת לייבּ פּאַן) was a sixteenth-century Yiddish writer, who lived in the Prague ghetto at the time of Mordecai Meisel.

Pan was the daughter of Rabbi Moshe Leib Pitzker, and wife of Yakov Pan.[1] Like many poets of this period, she published religious and ethical works in the current idiom of the Jews. Such publications were facilitated by the printing-press of Gersonides then running in Prague. Among other pieces, she published, probably in 1609, a poem of six pages under the title Ayn sheyn lid, nay gemakht, beloshn tkhine iz vorden ausgetrakht.[2]


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