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My name's Kadin, and I've written several articles, the most substantial of which (and the one of which I'm most proud) is on the dbx Model 700 Digital Audio Processor. The original version of that page, i.e. what I actually wrote, is archived at: User_talk:Kadin2048/OldDBXPage

For a while, I'd thought that the great (and sadly, deleted) Wikipedia entry on /Slashdot Trolling Phenomena had been lost. I found a copy of it on another user's page (thx, Przepla!), and I'm storing it on a subpage for posterity and laughs, and the occasional update by me. Feel free to edit the page as if it were a normal WP entry if you'd like to add something.

I also archived a huge table that was at risk of being deleted, under /Table_of_characters_in_the_Fire_Emblem_series. I don't know a thing about it, apparently it has something to do with a trading card game. It just offended me that such an obviously large amount of effort and information was at risk of being destroyed, so I moved it here for safekeeping. Hopefully somebody can find something useful to do with it.

More recently, I archived another page at risk of deletion at /List_of_OBD-II_Cables_&_Scanning_Software. This was more out of self-interest than altruism, though, since I'm planning a carputer project and didn't want to see the information disappear while it might be useful to me.

Also, I grabbed a copy of /RONJA, which seemed neat but also exactly the sort of thing that tends to get deleted on WP these days.