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About Me

I'm just another Wikipedian.

The best advice I can offer to anyone wishing to contribute to Wikipedia is:

  • Always use common sense and don't get too overly burdened by guidelines and policies. It's virtually impossible for a normal editor to "break" anything or do something that can't be reversed- so be bold and do what you think is right and if you were wrong- someone's going to tell you. Accept advice gracefully and be prepared to learn from your mistakes.
  • Wikipedians are by-and-large anonymous. Treat every editor like they are your grandmother, because they just might be. Always respect others' opinions and be polite. Never be afraid to debate. It's okay to argue with admins but remember that they are admins because they generally know what they are doing.

I was once nominated for deletion. Read all about it here.

Some things I like: Arch Linux, Southeast Alaska, Daredevil, Assassin's Creed, anything made by Nintendo, Telephones, Medical Laboratory Science, and Microbiology.

What I Do

I have been absent from Wikipeda (with the exception of some small anonymous edits) due mostly to life and career changes. I have noticed, however, insufficient coverage of medical laboratory tests and am hoping to help correct that as time goes by. If I can get back into it, I might request my administrative rights back. Stay tuned!

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