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This user is a bot
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Approved?MDanielsBot 4
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)Python
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?Yes! MDanielsBot on GitHub
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes


Bot Task Status Description Activity

Task 2 Not Applicable Update User:MDanielsBot/markAdmins-Data.js     -Active
Task 3 Not Applicable Update global and local user counts on an opt-in basis.
For more information, see User:MDanielsBot/GlobalEC and User:MDanielsBot/LocalEC
Task 4  Approved. Clear stale AIV reports. Shutoff by changing User:MDanielsBot/AIVStop to the word "stop".     -Active
Task 5  Approved. Nominate old drafts for deletion.     -Inactive
Task 6  Approved. Clerk the WP:DRN.     -Inactive
Task 7  Approved. Notify a) draft authors and b) contributors opted-in at User:MDanielsBot/G13 OptIn Notifications when their draft may soon be deleted per CSD G13. Log notices appear at User:MDanielsBot/Notices     -Inactive
Task 8 Withdrawn by operator. Tend to pages in Category:AfC submissions with missing AfC template.     -Inactive
Task 9  Approved. Mark files with hidden revisions so they can be more easily moved to Commons.     -Active

In case of emergency: break glass[edit]