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This user is a script that was involved in the conversion from the MediaWiki namespace to the Template namespace. It had three phases of operation:

  1. Before the conversion to MediaWiki 1.3, it created redirects from Template pages to MediaWiki pages. This is so that includes will keep working after the conversion.
  2. After the switch, it moved everything in MediaWiki which is not an internal message to Template
  3. Then it worked through all the articles converting the inclusion syntax and fixing links

Like the conversion script and MediaWiki default script, this script used a user ID of zero, so its contributions were treated as though it were an anonymous user. This is no longer the case due to software changes; see T181731. Similarly to "Conversion script", in April 2006, a vandal created an account with this username and it was subsequently blocked. The edits under this username were later moved to a non-0 user ID number, the same one generated during the April 2006 account creation, as part of the actor migration.

Contact Tim Starling for further details.

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...I don't consider edits performed by the TNIS to be copyrightable. You may consider those edits to be public domain for all intents and purposes. -- Tim Starling 23:54, Nov 18, 2004 (UTC) -- Posted on User talk:Ram-Man [1]

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