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IP User IP User IP User IP User
Tag (none) Mobile web edit iOS app edit Android app edit
"New message" alert[a] Peach bar of doom Miniature orange bar of doom[b] Flaky[1][c] Looks like other alerts[2] No (?)[3] Yes (since Jun 2022)[4] Kinda, but subject to certain weird limitations[d][5] Looks like other alerts
Other alerts[a] Yes[e] Yes Yes (since Jun 2022)[4] Yes (since Sep 2021)[7]
Custom block messages Yes Yes Yes[8] Yes[8] Yes (since Mar 2023)[9] Yes (since Mar 2023)[9] Seems flaky[10] Yes (since Jun 2021)[11]
Partial block shown as partial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes[11] Yes[11]
Edit​notices[f] Yes[g][h] Yes[g][h] Via JavaScript gadget[12] Via JavaScript gadget[12] Yes[13] Yes[13] Yes (since Nov 2021)[14] Yes (since Nov 2021)[14]
Talk page banners (e.g. {{FAQ}}) Yes Yes Hidden behind tiny link[15] Hidden behind tiny link[15] Prominently shown, but some messages are mangled Prominently shown, but some messages are mangled Shown as a regular section[i] Shown as a regular section[i]
Custom edit filter messages Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (since Mar 2023) Yes (since Mar 2023) Mostly[j] (since Jun 2021)[16] Mostly[j] (since Jun 2021)[16]
Central​Notices[k] Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No

Other communication-related issues[edit]

  • IPv6 addresses change frequently, yet there are no dedicated user talk pages for /64 ranges. Thus unregistered users with IPv6 addresses cannot be reached in a reliable way. (T112325)

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  1. ^ a b Users with a confirmed email address will get an email by default. This can be turned off in their preferences.
  2. ^ Shown in Vector (default), MonoBook, and Modern skins. Looks like other alerts in Timeless and MinerveNeue skins.
  3. ^ Alert should appear on non-mainspace pages, and any time the user taps "edit". However a caching bug often prevents the alert from showing.
  4. ^ Requires the IP to save another page before showing it, and looks like a normal alert
  5. ^ (fixed January 2023) On Minerva skin (on desktop), notifications that are not alerts were not shown when opening the notification area. This means notifications like "thanks", "(pagename) has been reviewed" and "(user) replied in (topic)" were not shown. Mentions and talk page message notifications are alerts, so those were not affected.[6]
  6. ^ See also meta:Community Wishlist Survey 2021/Mobile and apps/Mobile editnotices and phab:T201613. The WMF intends to pick this up. For individual wikis, a workaround for mobile web exists.
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  8. ^ a b When using DiscussionTools, the notices are only shown for new sections.
  9. ^ a b They are shown as a regular section without subject, and also don't necessarily show up in a fixed location in the section list
  10. ^ a b Links in the message open in the browser, and go the language wiki of the users primary language (ie the first language they've set)
    This means that as an example that an user whose languages are set as Dutch, English will always have links go to the Dutch Wikipedia, even when the message is displayed on the English Wikipedia
  11. ^ CentralNotice banners can be configured to display only on some device classes as needed.

Phabricator tickets[edit]

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