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A FunIsSrsBsnss Production

Written, created, and built by Jake Orlowitz (User:Ocaasi)

Graphic design genius from the uber-talented Heather Walls (User:Heatherawalls)

Expert curation and guidance at every step from the capable hands of Siko Bouterse (User:Seeeko)

Guided Tours development and support from tech-guru Matthew Flaschen (User:Superm401)

Thoughtful, careful, and creative research methods from Jonathan Morgan (User:Jtmorgan)

Special gratitude goes out to the folks who consulted and assisted along the way
Anya Shyrakova (Anyashy) for giving identity and purpose to badge design; Aaron Halfaker for his comprehensive and cunning data analysis; Chris Maloney (Klortho) for hosting the text version of the script on his website; Sonia and Dcoetzee for their work on the early versions of the script and prototype; Martijn for showing me the ropes of javascript; Steven Walling for sharing insights from the E3 team; Nischay Nahata (Nischayn22) for quickly and slickly coding the interactive elements of the game; Mohit Garg of MindTickle and Nathan Solomon of Philadelphia Game Lab for their wisdom on learning and game dynamics; Gsummit for giving huge non-profit discounts at their conference; and Bunchball, Badgeville, and Big Door for generously entertaining my questions about gamification; and, Jeff Pickhardt for creating the Guider-JS that library we forked GuidedTours from.

A huge thank you to the incredible alpha-testers
Ebe123, Tambelon, Fred Bauder, Pleasant1623, Miss Bono, TheOriginalSoni, Depthdiver, Beaedyson, Ross Hill, As the Crow Flies, Fuhghettaboutit, Checkingfax, Ypnypn, Seraphimblade, Samwalton9, I JethroBT, Pbsouthwood, Matty.007, Estaling, Deskana, Diego Moya, Jackmcbarn, Micru, Fluffernutter, Andrew Gray, Aubrey, EuroCarGT, Figureskatingfan, Markhurd,Ellin Beltz, Cruccone, Atlasowa, Markhurd, Odeesi, Vickytnz, Atdt1991, Yintan, Ragesoss, and Mdann52.

For deeply informing my research, I cannot recommend highly enough
"A New Culture of Learning" by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown; "Game Frame" by Aaron Dignan; and "Reality is Broken" by Jane McGonigal.

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