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Welcome to our newspaper which is written for young editors by young editors.

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Hello, welcome to TheWikiWizard! We write newspapers at least every month, and we publish these newspapers here. つがる created the project to make a rival newsletter to The Wikipedia Signpost. Below is a list of issues and the list of members. If you would like to be a member, please notify つがる on his talk page and/or post a comment on the talk page of this page. Happy reading!


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Code of Conduct[edit]

Click Here to read the code of conduct.

List of issues[edit]

A full list is available at Special:PrefixIndex/Wikipedia:TheWikiWizard/Issues/.

List of members[edit]

The “Editor/Creator/Management” category only includes the creator of the newspaper: つがる. Chief-Editors are responsible for most of the work when つがる is inactive (a.k.a. in the dinosaur age), you can read more about them here. Distributors are a special group, they work specifically in the Distribution area, where the mailing lists and subscribers to the newspaper are monitored. You can have the position at the same time as another one. Assistant Management are assistants who occasionally work on the newspaper. Article Creators are limited to creating articles for each issue.



  • None

Assistant Editors/Coordinators[edit]

  • NONE


  • None

Assistant Management[edit]

  • NONE

Article Creators[edit]

  • NONE

Proofreader/Typo correction team member(s)[edit]

Simple English TWW Mangement[edit]

IRC Management[edit]

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