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The established consensus on the English Wikipedia is that templates used to mark "votes" during XfD discussions—such as a small image and text label, for example, "Symbol keep vote.svg Keep" — are not to be used. Any template created solely for this purpose may be tagged with speedy deletion criterion G4.

The rationale behind the consensus against these on the English Wikipedia is that they encourage voting rather than a discussion aimed at the generation of consensus. A contributing factor to the recurrence of discussions on this matter is the widespread use of these type of templates on other Wikimedia sites.

Please remember that deletion discussions are not a vote.

Script for !votes to appear with icons[edit]

A user script, User:Pythoncoder/Scripts/voteSymbols.js, exists for those who would like !votes to appear similar to the aforementioned example sitewide. It can be added to your personal .js page with the following:


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