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Coin depicting Martinus's father Heraclius, half-brother Constantine III, and mother Martina
Coin depicting Martinus's father Heraclius, half-brother Constantine III, and mother Martina

Martinus (died c. 641) was caesar of the Byzantine Empire from some point between 638 and 640, to 641. He was the fifth son of Emperor Heraclius and his second wife (and niece) Empress Martina. Heraclius elevated Martinus to caesar, a junior imperial title that placed Martinus on the line of succession. Heraclius died on 11 February 641, leaving the throne jointly to Martinus's half-brother Constantine III and his elder full brother Heraclonas. Constantine III soon died of tuberculosis, though some of his partisans alleged that Martina poisoned him. One such partisan, Valentinus, led troops to Chalcedon, across the Bosporus Strait from the capital, Constantinople, to force Martina to install Constans, Constantine III's son, as co-emperor. Valentinus seized Constantinople, forced Constans II's enthronement in September or October 641, and deposed Martina, Heraclonas, and Martinus. Mutilated and exiled to Rhodes, Martinus died soon after, possibly during or immediately after the surgery. (Full article...)

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Jews arriving at Auschwitz II, 1944
Jews arriving at Auschwitz II, 1944

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Indian prime minister Narendra Modi visiting the crash site
Indian prime minister Narendra Modi visiting the crash site

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Warren G. Harding was the 29th president of the United States from March 4, 1921, to August 2, 1923. During Harding's presidency, he organized international disarmament agreements, addressed major labor disputes, enacted legislation and regulations pertaining to veterans' rights, and traveled west to visit Alaska. He inherited the aftermath of World War I after taking office in 1921 (inauguration pictured), requiring him to formally end American involvement and participate in the polarized discussion of veterans' affairs, including the debate surrounding the Bonus Bill. His administration was beset by scandal in March 1922 after the president dismissed officials at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and the events of the larger Teapot Dome scandal began the following month when the Department of the Interior leased the Teapot Dome oil reserves to Harry Ford Sinclair. (Full list...)

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Clara McAdow

Clara McAdow (1838–1896) was an American women's suffragist and mine owner. Born in Ohio, she grew up in Jackson, Michigan, relocating to Montana with her first husband, C. E. Tomlinson. When Tomlinson died, she took their savings and invested in real estate in Billings. Through her real-estate ventures, she met her second husband, Perry McAdow. She purchased from him the Spotted Horse mine, which he had received as payment for a debt. Clara took charge of all aspects of the mine, directing all of its operations and often living on site. McAdow was intensely interested in the women's suffrage movement, hosting Carrie Chapman Catt and Susan B. Anthony in her home to promote giving women the vote.

Photograph credit: unknown; restored by Adam Cuerden

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