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Memorial to homosexual victims of Nazi persecution
Memorial to homosexual victims of Nazi persecution

The persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany was a priority of the Nazi police state. Before 1933, homosexual acts were illegal in Germany but a thriving gay culture existed. Nazi persecution of homosexuals peaked prior to World War II. Between 1933 and 1945, an estimated 100,000 men were arrested. Those arrested were presumed guilty, and subjected to harsh interrogation and torture to elicit a confession. Their death rate has been estimated at 60 percent, a higher rate than other prisoner groups. Nazi Germany's persecution of homosexuals is considered to be the most severe episode in a long history of discrimination and violence targeting sexual minorities. After the war, homosexuals were initially not counted as victims of Nazism because homosexuality continued to be illegal in Nazi Germany's successor states. Few survivors came forward to discuss their experiences. This changed during the gay liberation movement of the 1970s, and the pink triangle was reappropriated as an LGBT symbol. (Full article...)

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Laura Bergt Eskimo-kissing Spiro Agnew
Laura Bergt Eskimo-kissing Spiro Agnew

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Brahim Ghali in 2019
Brahim Ghali

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Entrance to Auschwitz I
Entrance to Auschwitz I
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Hassan Maatouk
Hassan Maatouk

Hassan Maatouk, a Lebanese footballer, has scored 21 international goals in 100 appearances for the Lebanon national football team as of 19 November 2022, making him the country's all-time top goalscorer and most-capped player. He plays as a forward for the Lebanon national football team, debuting in a match against Saudi Arabia on 27 January 2006. His first international goal came five years later, in his twentieth appearance for his country, scoring against Bangladesh. Maatouk has scored two braces for his national team, scoring twice against Kuwait in a 2–2 draw in a 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier, and again against Thailand in a 5–2 win in a 2015 AFC Asian Cup qualifier. He has scored more than half of his goals at home, with ten at the Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium, two at the Saida Municipal Stadium and one at the Tripoli International Olympic Stadium. (Full list...)

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Hope II

Hope II is a oil-on-canvas painting with added gold and platinum by the Austrian symbolist artist Gustav Klimt, created in 1907–1908. It depicts a pregnant woman with closed eyes, with a human skull representing death appearing from behind her stomach – perhaps a sign of the dangers of labour. At the foot of the painting, three other women bow their heads, as if praying or mourning. The square painting measures 110.5 centimetres (43.5 in) on each side, and is now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Painting credit: Gustav Klimt

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