Digital Tape Format

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Digital Tape Format is a magnetic tape data storage format developed by Sony. It uses a 1/2" wide tape, in a cassette with two reels, which is written and read with a helical scan process. The format is described by the ECMA 248 (adopted June 1998) and ISO/IEC 15731 standards. There are two sizes of tape cassettes, "S" and "L".


Generation DTF-1 DTF-2
Release Date 1994 1999
"S" Capacity (GB) 12 60
"L" Capacity (GB) 42 200
Max Speed (MB/s) 12 24


  • Both used ALDC compression
  • DTF-2 used Fibre Channel or SCSI interfaces
  • The tape cassettes are similar to those of Sony Betacam.

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