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Automatic citations based on ISBN are broken[rediger kilde]

Apologies if this message does not reach you in your favorite language. You can help translate it centrally at Meta. Thanks for your help.

We have recently become unable to access the WorldCat API which provided the ability to generate citations using ISBN numbers. The Wikimedia Foundation's Editing team is investigating several options to restore the functionality, but will need to disable ISBN citation generation for now.

This affects citations made with the VisualEditor Automatic tab, and the use of the citoid API in gadgets and user scripts, such as the autofill button on refToolbar. Please note that all the other automatic ways of generating citations, including via URL or DOI, are still available.

You can keep updated on the situation via Phabricator, or by reading the next issues of m:Tech News. If you know of any users or groups who rely heavily on this feature (for instance, someone who has an upcoming editathon), I'd appreciate it if you shared this update with them.

Elitre (WMF), on behalf of the Editing team.

MediaWiki message delivery (diskusjon) 11. mai 2023 kl. 21:45 (CEST)Svar[svar]

Tech News: 2023-20[rediger kilde]

MediaWiki message delivery 15. mai 2023 kl. 23:44 (CEST)Svar[svar]

Tech News: 2023-21[rediger kilde]

22. mai 2023 kl. 18:54 (CEST)

Global ban proposal for Leonardo José Raimundo[rediger kilde]

Apologies for writing in English. Hjelp til med å oversette til ditt språk There is an on-going discussion about a proposal that Leonardo José Raimundo be globally banned from editing all Wikimedia projects. You are invited to participate at Requests for comment/Global ban for Leonardo José Raimundo on Meta-Wiki. Takk! Elton (diskusjon) 26. mai 2023 kl. 02:59 (CEST)Svar[svar]

Selection of the U4C Building Committee[rediger kilde]

The next stage in the Universal Code of Conduct process is establishing a Building Committee to create the charter for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C). The Building Committee has been selected. Read about the members and the work ahead on Meta-wiki.

-- UCoC Project Team, 27. mai 2023 kl. 06:20 (CEST)