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Welcome to the Blu-ray Project. Anyone that means well is invited to join this WikiProject. Our discussion page is open for questions, comments, and suggestions. The project covers all articles about Blu-ray movies, players, games, and companies that support it.


Improve Wikipedia's coverage of anything Blu-ray Disc related. Our goal is to teach as many people as possible what Blu-ray really is and what it does.


Blu-ray Project
Blu-ray Project

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To join our project, please click here and put your name at the bottom of the list and a comment if you would like to.

  1. User:Playstationdude - (Founder)
  2. User:Xtreme racer - support Blu-Ray fully and can't see any reason why not to join the project
  3. User:Vdub49 - Blu-Ray is the best out there
  4. User:W Tanoto - Support Walt Disney and Sony, automatically, BD gained full support from me. Proud owner of 2 PlayStation 3s, 1 BD Burner, and 60 BD titles. BD FTW.
  5. User:Michael Mad - Blu-Ray is the superior technology. The main(if only) reason for me to join.
  6. User:Effer - Support Blu-ray as dominant HD format.
  7. User:Ray andrew - The voice of reason, I support all HDM.
  8. User:JTBX - More Storage, less scratching, way more corporate and media support, Java technology, built in to PS3 for games, THE CLEAR WINNER. Hoorah! for Blu-ray.
  9. User:Ckyle88 - Supporting Blu-ray because of the best support and technology. It's important to stay neutral on Wikipedia though.
  10. User:Locke Cole - In so far as I can keep Wikipedia accurate with respect to Blu-ray Disc, I shall endeavor to do so.
  11. User: Gamma626- Leading the battle at Highdef Digest.
  12. user:Andries blu ray has a clear lead in the Netherlands.
  13. User:Tracer9999 - Support Dual format players. both formats have there plus and minus. strive to keep wikipedia accurate and not Fan based.
  14. User:Swisspass - Supporting fair and accurate information for both formats, objective and neutral information is key.
  15. User:Denzelio - Blu-Ray for the best Cinema Experience available.
  16. User:Ank329 - support the PS3 and Blu-Ray. Just an FYI: I'll be working on the List of Blu-Ray DVDs
  17. User:Remstar - Supporting Next-Gen Hi-Def technology. I reckon Blu-Ray's a clear winner.
  18. User:Shinnawy - Blu-ray disc authoring application developer, BD-J software developer.
  19. User:UGPO - Blu-Ray is so much better than Hd-DVD.
  20. User:Kushal one - I am not making any predictions about future success but blu-ray seems to be more advanced than HD-DVD. Please consider contributing to CEATEC, if possible.
  21. User:HK-48 - Blu-Ray > HD DVD The HD DVD camp is extending this pointless war, despite the obvious fact that Blu-Ray will win.
  22. User:Rupesh Kumar Vuppu - Blu-ray has multitude of advantages. As far as the facts go High definition movie Blu-ray DVDs have outsold the rival HD DVD standard in Europe this year, breaking the 1 million barrier,which clearly indicates its winning the future global market.
  23. User:Seanor3 Blu-Ray has now won over HD-DVD, I don't know as much as i'd like to but i'm here to help.
  24. FaithLehaneTheVampireSlayer Playstation 3 BD games have alot of potiental. And the BD films are so much more clear then DVDs. BD is True HD. Also as of June 2008, Warner Bros and it's subsidiaries will be supporting BD only. Truly a victory for Team Blu. However total victory came on 2/19/08 when Toshiba announced they are discontinuing the HD-DVD format, ending the format war.
  25. User:AxG Blu-ray is a step forward from the old DVD format, have a PS3. Edits on grammar, spelling and clean up.
  26.  10014derek  Ӂ  06:35, 8 January 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  27. User:Thunderhawk89 - staff member. Please note: I represent myself, not Active in Blu-ray Disc since 2004.
  28. User:J.delanoy - Proud owner of a 60 GB PlayStation 3 since January 2007. Sympathetic to Blu-ray since early 2006 (when I first heard about it). Supporter of Blu-ray since June 2006. Prediction: Blu-ray will get Universal and Paramount exclusivity deals before Warner officially drops the "other format" in June 2008 03:51, 15 January 2008 (UTC)
  29. User:~NeonFire372~ - PlayStation 3 60GB owner!
  30. User:Seseri - proud Playstation 3 40 GB owner
  31. User:Thingg - I love my 60 GB PlayStation 3 and my Blu-ray movies.
  32. User:Arthur2045 - Blu-ray is the future, and so are my PS3.
  33. . J2F Duck (talk) 21:43, 20 February 2008 (UTC) -Blu-Ray Disc is quite an interesting subjectReply[reply]
  34. user: Vahockey131 - Blu-ray and PS3 combined is golden
  35. User:Nick 8
  36. User:Suyogaerospace Electronic and telecommunication Engineering Student Suyogaerospacetalk to me! 05:42, 21 March 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  37. User:arvwini
  38. User:IDosh - The future is here!
  39. User:Jay95- Blu-Ray won the format war because of inclusion in PS3! HD DVD sucks!
  40. User:UltimateCyborgNinja - Blue ray=Awsome
  41. User:yzpower - Developer of BD-J module and BD player
  42. User:Admeister200x - Playstation 3 owner and Blu-Ray fan.
  43. User:carterrahul - Blu-Ray should be devloped further to support more data with more quality and make it available to common people for less price
  44. User:hda3ku Bluray is awsome
  45. User:multimediahighway - Developer of Scenarist BD-J projects
  46. User:Rafichamp - Know a lot about Blu-Ray when related to the Sony Playstation 3
  47. User:SaiyanEmperor2008 Blu-Ray is the future. HD DVD lost the format war, Unlucky Toshiba):
  48. User:BorgQueen
  49. User:KAPITALIST88 Former owner of 360, now own a PS3 Slim. Used to compare upscaling with Blu Ray quality now I see (after finally watching a movie) that Blu Ray is awesome and why it reins supreme over HD DVD.
  50. User:AquaTeen13 Blu-ray ROCKS!!!
  51. User:duardognn
  52. User:Joel SmithBecause butter tastes better!
  53. User:Codeman862Ninja new: Dual layer Blu-ray can store 100 GB!
  54. User:Desolutional - Blu-Ray FTW!
  55. User:Chinnz - Chinnz
  56. KAS( talk) 16:26, 17 October 2012 (UTC) Blu-Ray fanReply[reply]
  57. User:13jospin - WB release tom and jerry golden vol 2 !

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If anyone finishes these tasks, please take them off. Feel free to add any articles that you think need work.



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