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This page details various records of Wikipedia and is constantly updated as legitimate records are added by various users.


Oldest pages in each namespace[edit]

These revisions are mostly found through database queries (linked to from their dates).

First Main Page section appearances[edit]

Wikipedia's first picture of the day
Wikipedia's first picture of the day featured the Virgin River Narrows, a 16-mile long slot canyon in Utah. Featured in a 2010 National Geographic list of the 100 best American adventure trips,[1] it is one of the most rewarding hikes in the world.
Section Title Date
Main Page "This is the new WikiPedia!"[bk] 15 January 2001
In the news September 11 attacks[f]
Dudley Moore[f] (Recent deaths)
2019–20 coronavirus pandemic (Special header)
11 September 2001[bl]
27 March 2002[bm] (Recent deaths)
16 March 2020 to 29 January 2021 (Special header)
On this day Various articles 21 October 2002
Today's featured article Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 22 February 2004
Did you know Pencil sharpener 22 February 2004
Picture of the day Virgin River Narrows 14 May 2004
Today's featured list List of signs and symptoms of diving disorders 13 June 2011[bn]


Talk pages[edit]

These are current as of 13 August 2023. Those who are interested in updating them can use special searches to find more: simply change the search to the appropriate namespace and change the archive number to one more than the numbers listed here. If you find anything, keep going up until you stop finding more, and then that's the new record. There are no pages with archives in the TimedText talk, Gadget talk, or Gadget definition talk namespaces.
  • Longest talk page thread: unknown


The most viewed pages of Wikipedia before 2007 remain unknown, though the multiyear ranking of most viewed pages gives views for top 100 pages since 2007.

Cumulative views[edit]

Single-day views[edit]

Typically, the most visited page on a single day is the Main Page. From 21 July to 16 August 2016, the page averaged 58,900,479 views per day, far more views than any other page.


Title length[edit]

Articles with the longest titles[edit]

The MediaWiki software limits the length of page titles to 255 bytes, thus some titles that would be longer than the ones in the list below are not included. For instance, the full title of When the Pawn... would be 445 bytes.

Articles with the shortest titles[edit]


Record Page Number As of Note
Page linked to by most other pages Wikipedia:Sandbox 7,071,286 10 January 2022 [ch]
Article in main namespace with most inbound links Network address translation‏‎ 2,355,236 10 January 2021 [ci]
Article or redirect linked to by most other articles ISBN (identifier) 1,317,388 links 10 January 2022 [cj]
Article linked to by most other articles in their own source text (not via templates) United States 379,117 links 10 January 2022 [ck]
Most distinct outgoing links[cl] (list or list-like article) Index of Singapore-related articles 12,289 12 April 2021 [cm]
Most distinct outgoing links[cl] (not a list or list-like article) Classical Hollywood cinema 4,191 12 April 2021 [cm]
Article in most categories Third Geneva Convention 242[cn] 23 January 2023 [co]
Article in most categories (including hidden categories) List of Wikipedias‏‎ 323 23 January 2023
Non-convention article in most categories Alfred North Whitehead 199 18 September 2022
Most external links in one article[f] List of MeSH codes (D02) 2,541 5 February 2021
Longest-lasting red link on Wikipedia Nourredine Boudiafi and Chaabane Younes on Portal:Current events/2005 January 4 Created 25 September 2005 28 December 2021
Longest lasting red link in an article Islamic Armed Movement on Abdelhak Layada Created 28 June 2006 Removed 26 April 2022

Re Added after page created on 28 April 2023

Image linked on most pages File:Information.svg 4,619,635 5 February 2021


  • Article with the most redirects: Hangul (7130 Redirects)

Disambiguation pages[edit]

Disambiguation pages with the most "may refer to" entries[cp][cq]
Page Entries
St. Mary's Church 782
Aliabad 522
Hoseynabad 501
Communist Party (disambiguation) 331
Hasanabad 310

Consensus participation[edit]

Requests for adminship/bureaucratship[edit]

  • Latest unopposed request for adminship (RfA): DanCherek on 9 August 2022 (281 votes)
  • Latest unanimous (no opposes or neutrals) RfA: Z1720 on 29 August 2022 (194 votes)
  • Most !votes on an RfA: Tamzin in May 2022 (468 !votes)
  • Most !votes on an RfB: Juliancolton in July 2009 (302 !votes)
  • Largest successful RfA: Tamzin in May 2022 (482,907 bytes)
  • Smallest successful RfA: Marumari in August 2003 (196 bytes)
  • First RfA with its own subpage: TheCustomOfLife in August 2004 (retroactively saved to a subpage on November 25)
  • First RfA started on its own subpage: Chmod007, on 16 September 2004


  • Longest-running VfD with participation: WikidPad, from 12 January 2005 to 26 July 2020 (15 years, 196 days)
  • Longest-running AfD: Disposal orbit, from 3 January 2006 to 8 July 2022 (16 years, 186 days)
  • Slowest speedy delete: Brent's T.V., nominated on 2 January 2006 and closed "speedy delete" on 7 July 2022 (16 years, 186 days)


  • First daily deletion logpage: 25 December 2004 (to which 22 debates were automatically transcluded on 29 December).
  • Most AfDs in a single AfD daily logpage: 251, on 19 December 2005 (the second highest number, 238, was on the day before).
  • Fewest AfDs in a single AfD daily logpage:[cx] 0, on 22 February 2005, the "Stolen Day" in which server issues prevented the logpage from being filled.

By month[edit]

All AfD outcomes from 2005 to 2020, stacked

The following information is drawn from User:JPxG/Oracle/All, and only cover AfD nominations after the August 2005 format switch (prior to which deletions were processed at WP:VfD).

  • Keepiest month: February 2014, 35.3% (1,619 AfDs, of which 517 closed "keep", "speedy keep", or "no consensus").
  • Deletiest month: April 2017, 76.9% (2,242 AfDs, of which 1,724 closed "delete", "speedy delete", or "redirect").
  • Mergiest month: October 2013, 17.33% (1,402 AfDs, of which 243 closed "merge" or "redirect").
  • Least mergy month: July 2006, 4.11% (5,011 AfDs, of which 206 closed "merge" or "redirect").
  • Transwikiest month: April 2006, 0.57% (3,847 AfDs, of which 22 closed "transwiki").
  • Speediest month: November 2006, 15.08% (3,528 AfDs, of which 532 closed "speedy keep" or "speedy delete").
  • Most indecisive month: February 2014, 14.60% (1,619 AfDs, of which 236 closed "no consensus" or "withdraw").

Individual discussions[edit]

  • Most !votes in a non-batched AfD: 293, on Brian Chase (Wikipedia hoaxer) (December 2005). In total there were 146 "keep"s, 46 "delete"s, and 124 "merge"s. While the discussion was closed as "keep", for some time afterwards the page oscillated between being an article and a redirect in an edit war whose distinguished participants included Jimbo Wales. It is currently (as of 2021) a redirect.
  • Most "keep" votes in a VfD: 226, on Flying Spaghetti Monster (August 2005). In total there were 238 votes, including 9 "delete"s, 3 "merge"s, and 1 "moo".
  • Most "delete" !votes in a non-batched AfD: 113, on Emily J. Hilscher (April 2007). In total there were 218 !votes.
  • Most "redirect" !votes in an AfD: 48, on K-Love Fan Awards (June 2021). There were 69 !votes in total.
  • Most "transwiki" !votes in an AfD: 15, tied between:
  • Most "userfy" !votes in an AfD: 9, tied between:



Oldest existing files on Commons by format, including those imported after Commons was founded in 2004[dc]
Format File Date created
PNG Wikipedia grey square.png 10 October 2002
JPEG SesshuAmanohashidate.jpg 21 February 2003
MIDI Piano Concerto No. 5 (E flat Major) - Movement 2 - Adagio un poco mosso.mid 2 May 2004
WAV Sgeoct.wav 16 September 2004
OGG Nl-Duits.ogg 27 September 2004
X-XCF Map of Italy.xcf 14 November 2004
OGV Lsf exo chiffres abc.ogv 16 November 2004
PDF Odell Hardware Company.pdf 30 January 2005
SVG+XML Tectonic plates.svg 10 September 2005
VND.DJVU Drei Register Arithmetischer ahnfeng zur Practic.djvu 24 June 2006
TIFF Aries and Musca Borealis2.tif 16 March 2009
WEBM 2012-07-18 Market Street - San Francisco.webm 7 November 2012
X-FLAC Wahwah.flac 8 July 2013
WEBP Webp-minilogo.webp 12 January 2017
MPEG Chopin - Waltz in E minor, B 56.mp3 30 November 2017
STL Goat5k.stl 1 January 2018


Blink and you'll miss it: Transparent_26Bytes.gif, the smallest image on the project.


Categories and templates[edit]





Article number Title Date created
100,000 Hastings, New Zealand 21 January 2003
500,000 Forced settlements in the Soviet Union[dl] 17 March 2005
1,000,000 Jordanhill railway station 1 March 2006
2,000,000 El Hormiguero 9 September 2007
3,000,000 Beate Eriksen 17 August 2009
4,000,000 Ezbet El Borg 13 July 2012
5,000,000 Persoonia terminalis 1 November 2015
6,000,000 Maria Elise Turner Lauder 23 January 2020
6,666,666 SatanCon 9 June 2023‎


User number User Date registered
100,000 Wakmah
1,000,000 Jchriscampbell 27 February 2006
10,000,000 Simeon Stylites 27 June 2009

High-use pages[edit]

Database reports[edit]

See also[edit]


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  74. ^ a b In the absence of special pages
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  77. ^ Donald Trump received 6.1 million views the day after he won the 2016 United States presidential election.
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  115. ^ Originally titled Involuntary settlements in the Soviet Union


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