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Welcome to WikiProject Classical Music! This WikiProject aims to improve and maintain all articles related to classical music that are not covered by other classical music related projects.

Participants help sort stubs and categories as well as source statements made throughout the world of classical music to provide a comprehensive documentation of classical music—including historical and musicological analysis.

WikiProject Classical music does not assess articles. We provide a general guideline on article formatting, including information on the use of biographical infoboxes.


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While anyone is allowed to edit articles related to classical music, to officially join, add your name to the list of participants.
Identify yourself as a participant by adding the following to your user page: {{User WPClassical}}
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Improving articles

There are various lists of articles in need of creation or particular attention:

Need help? Ask questions at the WikiProject Classical music talk page, or visit the Teahouse or Help desk.


WikiProject Classical music is an independent WikiProject, listed under Music. It was started by OldakQuill on 24 May 2004. As of 19 April 2020 there were 25,794 articles within the scope of the project. Previously, there were 20,842 articles on 4 March 2017; 16,781 on 10 September 2013; 15,574 on 9 January 2012; and 10,332 on 23 November 2009.

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Any article which falls under the scope of WikiProject Classical music (and not under that of a related project) should be tagged as such by adding the following on the talk page: {{WikiProject Classical music}}. A category containing all articles with this banner on its talk page can be found here.

The last bot run to automatically tag articles was carried out in June/July 2008 by ShepBot and Bot0612. (Note: all articles then bannered by the Composers, Contemporary music, and Opera projects were excluded from the run.)

To request urgent attention, please tag the talk page with {{WikiProject Classical music|attention=yes}}

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